Ensuring everybody can access good local health services

Mike Wood MP, the Conservative candidate for Kingswinford and South Staffordshire, is supporting improvements to our local health services. As someone who relies on the NHS for himself and his family, Mike understands the importance of timely and accessible health care. He is determined to ensure high quality services are available for everyone and for every need in Kingswinford and South Staffordshire.

As part of his plan to support health services, Mike works with local GPs and dental surgeries to make sure that anyone can access appointments should they need them, especially in rural regions. Additionally, Mike has secured a community diagnostic centre in South Staffordshire so that people can get tests and diagnoses more quickly without having to travel to a hospital. These are significant strides in health care accessibility for the community, allowing citizens to get the best outcomes possible.

Mike said: "Health care services should be accessible to everyone. Just as the NHS has been there for my family when we needed it most, I am determined that it would be there for everyone when they need it too. For that reason, I am committed to improving access to high-quality health services in Kingswinford and South Staffordshire."