Protecting our Green Belt and our local environment

Mike Wood MP, the Conservative candidate for Kingswinford and South Staffordshire, is working to protect our local environment from inappropriate development. Though Mike recognise the importance of building homes for local families, he believes building on the green belt should not be the easy option for developers. Too many viable options still exist to justify the degradation of our local environment and Mike plans to fight wrongful development of natural green spaces.

In order to protect our green belt, Mike is making sure natural buffers between our villages and the West Midlands are maintained. Additionally, he is supporting the South Staffordshire Council’s work to prioritise development that has a lower environmental impact when building public infrastructure. To stop the overdevelopment of our countryside, Mike is scrapping the “Duty to Cooperate” rule that forces South Staffordshire to take extra houses from nearby councils.

Mike said: “Protecting our local environment is of utmost importance. While I understand the need for housing, building on green belt land shouldn't be the default choice. We should be conscientious of where we construct, and I am committed to fighting inappropriate development on our precious green spaces."

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Our Green Belt is a precious resource, improving our local environment, sustaining wildlife and acting as a buffer to stop our villages merging into a single connurbation. It should not be built on when there are better alternatives available.